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4 coffee mistakes that ruin the taste of your brew

Ah, coffee! The thought of your first cup is often enough motivation to get out of bed to switch on the machine. But that first sip is sometimes too cold, too weak or maybe a bit sludgy to hit the spot. Here are four mistakes you may be making when brewing your java. 

1. Not measuring your coffee 

Need that extra caffeine kick before going to work this morning? It turns out that an extra scoop (or two) to your coffee won’t do the trick. There’s only so much caffeine you can extract from your beans before you ruin the flavour. It will only leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Make sure you are getting the ratio of coffee to water right.   

“People often add too much coffee to make a stronger brew, but if you use too much you run the risk of getting sour flavours,” explains Justin Lacher, a wholesale educator for a craft coffee company. 

2. Storing your coffee in the wrong place  

A pre-brew mistake is often the culprit of funky-tasting coffee. Where are you storing your coffee? Find a cool dry space in your kitchen, like in an airtight container at the back of a shelf for storage. Keeping your coffee in the freezer is also out of the question – it’s too humid. 



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3. Brewing expired coffee 

Keep an eye out for a ‘sell by’ date when you buy your coffee beans or grounds. According to Kaleena Teoh, co-founder of Coffee Project New York, old coffee will oxidise and lose its aromatic compounds. “It will taste almost like cardboard. You can still drink it, but it won’t taste as good as when it’s fresh,” she explains. How can you use your old coffee grounds? If you’re lucky enough to have your own garden, add it to your soil as a fertiliser and avoid wastage.  


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4. Using a dirty coffee machine 

Your dirty coffee machine may be ruining the taste of your brew. Each time you use your coffee maker, the coffee leaves behind an oily residue that could affect the taste of your cuppa Joe. Clean your machine once a week to clear up the grime that gets stuck in the smallest nooks and crannies.  


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