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3 tips for a delicious coffee brew at home 

You don’t need to go to a coffee shop for a delicious morning brew. Unlock the secrets of making your perfect cup of coffee at home with these great tips.  

Froth your milk  

Want to make you regular to-go latte order at home? Yes, please! Add some foam to your cuppa by frothing your milk. Not only will it look fancy (perfect for an Insta-worthy photo), it elevates the taste too. To get your foamy drink, use a milk frother. Don’t have one? A simple trick is to warm the milk (not scalding hot), pour it into a jar with a tight-fitting lid and shake for about 30 to 60 seconds. Or take a whisk and work it vigorously in your mug for a foamy cup of delight.  

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Add hot chocolate 

Turn your brew into a mocha coffee by mixing it with some hot chocolate. The combination of chocolate (and the added sugar) is a great way to mask the bitter taste of coffee. Added benefit? You can make yours as ‘chocolatey’ as you’d like since you are mixing in the hot chocolate after the coffee is already brewed. Make your mocha even gooey-er by adding in a piece of your favourite milk or dark chocolate.  

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Salt and spice make everything nice  

Sprinkle in salt and mix in some spices to make your coffee taste nicer. It may sound strange, but adding a pinch of salt to black coffee makes the bitterness more mellow by increasing its sweetness. The coffee’s nutty flavours will be more pronounced too. To add more flavour, mix warming spices like powdered cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamon into your coffee grounds before you brew. Think a warm chai latte on a chilly day – yum! 

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