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3 TikTok coffee hacks to perk up your day

For coffee lovers, there’s nothing quite as magical as that first sip in the morning. But why stop there? Elevate your morning cuppa java with these three clever (and delicious) TikTok coffee hacks. 

Coffee ice blocks 

Step aside watered-down iced coffee! TikTok has the perfect solution to keep your drink chilled without the ice diluting your drink. Ditch the water-ice blocks and replace them with coffee-ice blocks (yes, you read that right). Pour your brew into your ice tray (this mini ice cube tray from @home is perfect), pop them in the freezer until frozen, and add them to your glass before pouring over the milk. As your cubes melt, they mix with the milk, giving you a flavourful (undiluted) icy cold beverage. 

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Dalgona coffee (without a blender) 

Dalgona coffee, also known as whipped coffee, is the coffee hack that took the world by storm in 2020 (that and making a sourdough starter) but which has been popular in countries such as India, Pakistan, South Korea and Greece for ages. But what is Dalgona coffee exactly? It’s whipped coffee made of only four ingredients: instant coffee, sugar, water and milk (and ice if you prefer it cold), mixed with a hand blender (or frother) to get a fluffy, foamy cup of goodness. Don’t fret if you don’t have the tools to make this yummy drink – you can now just use a whisk. The trick is to put all your ingredients in a tall glass, take your whisk and roll it with your hands. This whisking trick will make your whipped coffee just as frothy as a blender would. You’re welcome! 


@ingatylam I dedicate my very first tik tok to this dalgona coffee hack that’s changed my life?? #dalgonacoffee #fyp #foryou #tasty #dalgonacoffeechallenge ♬ original sound – Inga

Make ice cream with your cold brew 

In the mood for coffee or ice cream? Why not combine the two for an aromatic and delicious sweet treat? And it’s so easy to make! Start by soaking a cup of cashews in hot water for a few hours, and drain. Then, toss the cashews in the blender, together with some maple syrup and a cup of cold-brew coffee. Blend until smooth, then pour the mixture into an ice tray and pop in the freezer. When frozen, your frozen blocks are in the blender (with the remainder of the mixture), and blend until a smooth, creamy texture forms. Et voila! Now you have a yummy summer treat with an added kick to enjoy on those scorching days. 


@katielarimore Reply to @heyits.isabel I love this one so much ☕️🍨 #coffee #coldbrew #icecream ♬ original sound – Katie

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