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Trash to treasure

Trash to treasure: recycling and upcycling food packaging

We are all about upcycling, getting the most use out of our bits and bobs and being kind to the environment. These nifty tips and tricks will have you thinking twice before you toss that plastic bag. Here is our list of items that you can reuse and repurpose!

By Erin Starr

Butter wrappers
Calling all avid bakers! Once you’ve removed a block of butter from its wrapping, keep the packaging in a draw. Use the waxy paper for greasing baking trays with ease.

Cereal bags
Pull the inner cereal bag out, fill it with a scrumptious home-made icing or whipped cream, snip off the corner and use it as a piping bag. This is cheap and easy to do! And as an extra tip, try adding a sqeeze of lemon to your icing to cut the sickly sweetness cut the sweetness. Trust us!

Glass Jars
It should be criminal to toss a beautiful glass jar. Soak the jars in warm water to easily remove the labels. Use these as tea-light candle holders, fill with soil and add a hardy succulent or reuse to store your homemade jams.

Use your juiced lemons rinds to clean and disinfect wooden cutting boards and counter tops. Lemons have wonderful anti-bacterial properties. And if you have extra lemon juice, whip up a home-made all-purpose kitchen cleaner made up of one part vinegar, one part water and the juice from half a lemon.

Wine bottles
Wine bottles make the most beautiful, rustic candle holders. Tie a ribbon around the bottle, pop in a dinner candle – and voila!

Tell us what your favourite food packaging upcycling tips are!

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