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Top 5 coffee gems in Cape Town

Capetonians love their coffee – there’s no doubting that. There are so many fabulous coffee spots to choose from, it’s almost a bit overwhelming, so let us make it easier for you. Here are 5 of our personal favourites that we recommend you try:

Bootlegger Coffee Company
Bootlegger takes pride in serving its customers only the finest coffee, roasting its beans every day in a way that stands out among its competitors. This coffee gem is so popular that it has grown to 7 locations! The vibe is awesome and, of course, the coffee is top-notch!

Dapper Coffee Co.
Situated in the CBD, at the corner of Bree and Strand Streets, this stylish coffee shop is part of a classic-car dealership, giving coffee-lovers an awesome view of vintage and luxury cars. This fantastic cafe offers fantastic coffee and the staff are warm and welcoming. Chances of having only one cuppa here are unlikely.

Deluxe Coffeeworks
Deluxe is known for its unconventional style. It’s not your everyday coffee shop: there’s no WiFi or fancy food – that’s just not their thing. If you enjoy sitting down with an excellent cup of coffee, listening to good tunes and talking to interesting people, then this place is for you!

Espresso Lab Microroasters
An underrated gem of a coffee shop, Espresso Lab takes its coffee-roasting very seriously. When you smell the coffee, you know it’s no joke. This is what you call REAL coffee. If you’re into strong tastes, this is the place to go.

Origin Coffee Roasting
Hands-down one of Cape Town’s top gourmet coffee shops, Origin roasts its beans on-site and is widely known for its unique approach to coffee crafting. Not only does it serve coffee, but the shop has its own teahouse with dozens of exotic flavours to choose from.

Photography: Bootlegger Coffee Company/Jenna McArthur

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