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Tips For Hosting An Unforgettable Dinner Party

There is nothing better than hosting a fabulous gathering with friends or family surrounding by copious amounts of delicious food and laughter. But what if you’re tasked with throwing a dinner party and don’t know where to start? Follow these fabulous tips to be the host with the most.  

First things first: Decide on a guest list 

Drinks, good food and even better company – who wouldn’t love a dinner-party invitation? Once you’ve decided to have a party, start with the guest list immediately. Whether casual or formal, sending out invites early (about a month in advance) will ensure that your guests will make the necessary arrangements to attend. Babysitters and dog watchers will be notified and booked in anticipation of your soiree. 


Plan your menu 

Tempting as it may be, your dinner party is not the place to try that dish you saw on Nigella’s show this week. Want to impress your guests with a fancy meal? Try your recipes a couple of times in advance to make sure you’ll nail them on the day. Simple dishes often make the best meals – and you’ll cook them perfectly. Plan your meals by switching up flavours and textures to find a nice balance. If you have a heavy main course, keep your dessert light and small. If you want to highlight your dessert, a fresh vegetable or fragrant fish dish is a lighter main course to serve. And don’t forget the welcome drinks and snacks. A delicious cocktail at the door will get your guests to loosen up and mingle quickly – giving you enough time to do last-minute prep. 

Get your table décor ready 

Nothing sets the tone of your dinner party like your table décor. Matching dinnerware, candles, silverware, champagne flutes and wine glasses will scream ‘grown-up shindig.’ Plus, your guests will be instantly impressed being invited to this social affair. Your décor doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Ferns and leaves from your garden (instead of overpriced flowers) will look great on any table. Look to Pinterest for great table-setting inspo! 


Focus on the ambience 

A perfect menu and table décor do not make a dinner party. Put your guests at ease. If you are stressing and frantically running around, you’ll make your guests panic too. Who cares if the chicken is a bit dry or the dessert has accidentally baked a bit too long? The company and the ambience determine the success of your get-together. Play good music, laugh and keep the conversations flowing. Is the company too stiff? Playing a board game or fun game like charades is perfect to elevate the mood after dinner. 

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