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Throw a summer bash on a budget

Summer is around the corner and that means long days, balmy weather and the perfect time to invite friends over. Hosting a get-together can get a little pricey, though! Never fear, MK is here to save you from burning a whole in your pocket.

By Jana du Plessis

1. Be prepared

Be prepared

Plan the recipes you’ll be preparing in advance and make a list of only the essential ingredients you’ll need. If the recipe calls for optional add-ins or nice-to-haves, find of a more affordable alternative or leave it out altogether – the recipe will still be delicious! By having a list with you while you shop, you won’t be tempted to buy a stack of extra things.

2. Home-made


Wherever possible, try to make things from scratch. Not only is much cheaper than buying ready-made products, but you’ll be able to control the taste and ingredients going into it. A favourite of ours is to make some lemonade – you can keep one batch alcohol-free; and add some gin or white wine to another batch.

3. Decorate DIY

Decor delight

You’d be amazed at how easy it is to throw together some beautiful decor pieces with things you already own. For cute quotes or quirky words, write on old corks, stick in some toothpicks, then pop them on to oranges or other fruit for a cheerful touch.

4. Floral delight


A table runner says sophisticated and smart. Create floral flair with a bunch of pretty flowers taped down the middle of your dining table.

5. One-pot wonder

One pot wonder

As the host, you have enough to worry about, so don’t design your menu around multiple food components. One-pot wonders are super simple, will save you cash and will free you up to actually enjoy your party. In winter, it could be soup or stew, but summer calls for gazpacho, pasta salad or an open phyllo pie.

6. Collectors’ items


Use nature and abandoned items to inspire raw, organic decor. Things like driftwood looks dreamy among candles, or leaves scattered around your centrepiece will grab attention. So go out and see what you can find to turn your entertaining space into a welcoming celebration of nature.

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