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Baba ganoush

Tasty baba ganoush

  • Post published:January 5, 2022

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy all the Mediterranean favourites we know and love so well. Let us show you how to make a traditional baba ganoush – a thick spread of brinjals and sesame seeds – perfect served with crackers, artisanal bread and crudités. Braaiing the brinjals will give the baba ganoush a wonderful smoky flavour.

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Roast beef puffs

  • Post published:November 30, 2021

Summer entertaining doesn’t get much better than this. These bite-sized beef puffs are fancy yet fuss-free – and, boy, are they delicious!

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Polenta fries

  • Post published:November 10, 2021

Try a different side for dinner tonight! Instead of having regular fries made from potatoes, why not try our yummy polenta fries?

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