Licorish Bistro: Jozi’s casual dining hotspot

  • Post published:March 18, 2017

Licorish Bistro, situated in the bustling Nicolway Bryanston Shopping Centre, is a five-year-old restaurant run by Aki Hadjipetros. After nineteen years of running chain restaurants, Aki now runs four of his own which are situated all over Gauteng. Each restaurant offers diners a unique flavour, style and twist on the way in which they eat. This everyday eatery offers customers the chance to experience a well thought out plate full of flavour and colour. Head Chef Karel Jacobs is always adding and enhancing the menu enabling the restaurant to evolve and keep up with the latest trends.

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A festival welcome to this year’s Lusito Land

  • Post published:March 15, 2017

The Lusito Land Festival started as a project to aid differently abled individuals in the Portuguese community in the Johannesburg area. This year it marks its 36th annual event with the celebration having grown to include the various diverse cultures mixed with the Portuguese heritage found in the surrounding areas of Gauteng. With a new venue and the classic Portuguese entertainment, this is sure to be one for the books.

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