Friday braai day: Perfect spatchcock chicken

  • Post published:June 30, 2017

I have been fortunate enough to have learned most of my cooking from South Africa’s best chefs and friends who are chefs. Being on the road for two months, braaing all over SA every day was the best adventure anyone could ever ask for, and some of our best-kept secrets were revealed. A nice and easy recipe that Bertus Basson taught me, is a perfect spatchcock chicken.

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Kelp mussels

Friday braai day: Kelp mussels

  • Post published:March 3, 2017

Being a WWF-SASSI ambassador and forager, I love the ocean and cooking with the fresh ingredients found on my doorstep in Grotto Bay. This is one of the signature dishes that started my career with the Ultimate Braai Master back in 2014. I have a few mussel recipes, but nothing beats this or tastes as true to the ocean as this one. It’s the greatest WWF-SASSI recipe ever!

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