Fruity yoghurt lollies

  • Post published:January 19, 2018

Our fruity yoghurt lollies make a healthy summer dessert. The yoghurt is full of calcium for strong teeth and bones, so it’s a great snack option for your kids as well. Make them in empty yoghurt containers, or in shot glasses for mini versions.

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Sugarless carrot cake

  • Post published:January 12, 2018

Just because you are trying to avoid refined cane sugar, doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself this weekend. Introducing our sugarless carrot cake, filled with extra dates and pecans for an even richer flavour.

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Lavender tart

  • Post published:December 20, 2017

Cooking with fresh and fragrant botanicals is predicted to be one of the biggest food trends for this year. Get a head start and make our summery lavender tart this weekend.

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Mini rooibos cakes

  • Post published:December 20, 2017

If you love the distinctive taste of rooibos as much as we do, you’ll agree that it can be brewed into way more than just your cup of tea. That’s why we created the recipe for these cute little rooibos cakes!

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Beetroot red velvet cupcakes

  • Post published:December 20, 2017

Yep, we’re back to the beetroot! It makes an amazing baking ingredient and you won’t need to add any food colouring to your batter to achieve that luxurious red colour. We definitely think you should give our beetroot red velvet cupcakes a try this weekend.

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