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Rice: Everything You Need To Know

Rice is a key part of the meal when dining on curry, and many other dishes. So make sure you know which to boil, fluff and serve!

Serve this when you want to take your dish up a notch. The dark grains have a nutty flavour that will perfectly accompany your curry.

Basmati’s fluffy, dry texture bulks up thinner curries or curried soups and its nutty flavour is the perfect sidekick to those spicy flavours

Although not packed with flavour, this should be your go-to option when you make curry for hordes of people. It’s cheap and quick to cook.

This long-grain variety is wonderfully fragrant (reminiscent of popcorn!). The mild flavour and sticky texture pair perfectly with Thai curries.

CURRY HACK Oven-roast your rice! Fill a deep roasting tin with rice and enough water to cover it. Pop it in the oven and let it boil, topping up the water when necessary. Your rice will have an intense nutty flavour. Yum!

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