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Review: Afro-Vegan by Bryant Terry

Celebrity vegan and conscious-eating chef, Bryant Terry, whips up a host of vegan meals with those bold north African, Caribbean and Southern flavours we love!

By Roxy Greeff

As a non-vegan and lover of north African cuisine especially, I was a bit sceptic when Heather asked me to review this book for World Vegetarian Day at the beginning of this month. The book arrived on my desk from Ten Speed Press and as I paged through it, not only the gorgeous photography, but the delicious-sounding recipes as well had my mouth watering.

Now, in my experience, African, Caribbean and Southern US dishes are renowned for being full of vibrant flavours – but also full of meat. As a respected American chef, Bryant Terry, through his food activism, has inspired vegans and omnivores alike with his creative reinventions of classic dishes with easily available ingredients, and my reaction has been just as positive as theirs.

In this book he shows you how to veganise sauces, street foods, tagines, preserves, desserts, drinks and much more. I am especially curious (and excited) to try his Jamaican curry powder, creamy coconut-cashew soup, summer veg and tofu kebabs with peach-pomegranate kebabs and, especially, his refreshing grape-tarragon spritzer.

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