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The Pride GMO-Free range

The Pride GMO-Free range is made with GMO-free maize and nothing else. Pride takes great care of what goes into each of their packs, with a certified process to help ensure their products remain GMO-free. The Pride GMO-Free range is also preservative and additive-free.
The brand explains:In an effort to be transparent and ensure that our GMO-Free products are what they claim to be, we submit our production processes to rigorous auditing by an independent third-party auditor.” Read more about their process here
Better ingredients ensure better results
Chefs and foodies choose the Pride GMO-Free range because they know that better quality ingredients ensure better results.
Inside every pack of Pride GMO-Free maize you will find pure, unadulterated GMO-free maize meal, made from maize kernels that have been carefully selected and milled to perfection. The product contains no preservatives and no additives.
Just like all maize, Pride GMO-Free is gluten-free, making it a great side for people with digestive issues such as Celiac’s Disease and gluten sensitivity. Pride’s polenta is made from locally-grown yellow maize. Yellow maize contains carotenoids, an antioxidant that can protect you from disease and enhance your immune system.
Make the natural choice. Choose the Pride GMO-Free range.

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