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Never reheat these 4 foods in the microwave

From reheating leftovers to cooking those 5-minute meals, the microwave is an integral part of our kitchen. But while it is a convenient appliance, it’s a definite to ditch the microwave for reheating these four foods. 

Leftover pizza 

We know this Cinderella story all too well. The cheesy, delicious slice of pizza from the previous night turns into a soggy mess when reheated in the microwave. It’s either soggy or as tough as shoe leather if left in there for even just a second too long.  

Reheating tip: Simply reheat your slice in a skillet with the lid on at a moderate temperature. It’ll crisp up the crust and make the hard cheese gooey again in just a few minutes.  

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Boiled egg   

If you want to avoid picking out pieces of egg off your kitchen floor (and your hair), it’s best to avoid the microwave for this one. Once reheated in the microwave, the eggs have a tendency to explode. This happens because a boiled egg still has moisture inside, so steam will build up in the yolk. The shell stops the egg from expanding, so when you peel the egg, it will explode. 

Reheating tip: Warm up hard-boiled eggs by placing in a bowl of boiling water. Leave it covered for ten minutes before you remove and peel your eggs. Now you can enjoy warm hard-boiled eggs – mess-free! 

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Before you get in trouble with HR for your NSFW lunch, avoid using the microwave for your leftover seafood feast. Not only will the smell of seafood linger but heating it will dry out your fish and ruin the texture. You’ll also find yourself on the receiving end of some side-eye once you get to your desk.   

Reheating tip: The best way to warm up your seafood is by placing it in the oven at a low temperature for about 15 minutes. 


Leftover pasta loses moisture and can dry out when you store it in the fridge. But it becomes even drier when you reheat it in the microwave. Can’t wait to eat some more of your yummy alfredo pasta? Cream-based pasta can be even more tricky because the fats and oils separate when reheating in the microwave.   

Reheating tip: Head to the stove and warm up your pasta in a skillet over low heat. Add dairy or cream if you’re warming up cream-based pasta to replenish the moisture. Are you reheating pasta with a tomato base? Simply add two tablespoons of water per serving. Remember to use tongs to toss your pasta around in the pan to coat all the pasta with cream or water. It may take longer, but this heating trick will make your leftover pasta something to look forward to.     

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