You are currently viewing Lily’s Restaurant: The newest addition to Mouille Point’s Golden Mile

Lily’s Restaurant: The newest addition to Mouille Point’s Golden Mile

No matter the time of day, contemporary, eclectic dining is always available at Lily’s Restaurant, and at very reasonable prices as well. As soon as you walk through their doors, you are transported to a modern space filled with quirky details. You’ll probably discover something new every time you go back, and return you will.

By Roxy Greeff

Their breakfast menu boasts healthy juices, smoothies and a massive selection of artisanal herbal teas (much to my delight!) The food all encompasses classic brekkie options with an awesome twist. I’m loving their Not Another French Toast, which is made up of brioche fingers, maple-mascarpone sauce, cinnamon sugar, chocolate caramel sauce and sea salt cocoa nibs. I mean…yum! But if you are looking for something healthier, there is no shortage of options; they have everything from overnight oat bowls to wholesome things on toast (I loved the exotic mushrooms, garlic, shallots, thyme, Parmesan, goat’s cheese and poached egg on toast).

Their appetisers are really something to write home about, and are one of the highlights of the menu. I loved:

1. Broccoli Every Which Way – Tempura, charred and pickled broccoli, salad cream, toasted pine nuts and whipped goat’s milk cheese

2. Beets – Open beetroot parcel, pickled beetroot, goat’s cheese, pine nuts and balsamic reduction.

3. Quack eggs – A Scotch egg of shredded duck meat, coated in Panko crumbs and served with a radish aioli and baby leaf salad.

They have mains (and everything else) that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free with their Buddha Bowl, Everything But The Sink Coconut Curry, Sesame Tuna, Lamb Popsicles and the Dirty Birdie burger.

Their dessert menu is also packed with flavour but three options really stood out for me:

1. Espresso Yourself – Molten lava cake, salted caramel and caffeine fix ice cream

2. Please Sir Can I Have S’More? – Chocolate pot de crème, peanut butter cookie crumble and marshmallow ice cream

3. Passion, No Cream – Coconut panna cotta, mango coulis, sesame wafer and a fruit salsa

I was especially impressed with dessert number 3. It’s vegan and that panna cotta (unmoulded even!) was perfect. And, with my palate used to rich winter offerings, that fruit salsa was beyond welcome, and is definitely something I will incorporate into more puds at home. Genius!


When: Daily 7:30 am –10 pm
Where: Shop 1, East-West Building, corner Beach Rd and Surrey Place, Mouille Point, Cape Town, 8005

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