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Lazy Makoti & J’Something collabs on SA cookbook

It doesn’t get more South African than this: Lazy Makoti and J’Something are teaming up to create a cookbook celebrating the unique tastes of our country and the creativity of its home chefs.

Mi Casa frontman and restauranteur J’Something and cookbook author Mogau Seshoene, aka the Lazy Makoti ,are no strangers to the MyKitchen team. We’ve had the honour of not only cooking up a storm with J’Something, but also sharing fond memories with Lazy Makoti.


The celebrated chefs are teaming up to work on something seriously special for South Africa and we’re here for it!

They’re curating a selection of recipes submitted by the people of Mzansi for the #TheGreatMarulaMenu cookbook. Everyone is encouraged to send their unique recipe that includes either a dash or a good measuring of Amarula Cream Liqueur, whether in a dessert, main meal or cocktail.

The recipes will be reviewed by the chefs and if chosen will be published in the forthcoming cookbook. Mogau is thrilled to be part of the exciting project to ignite the creativity of South African kitchens everywhere.

J-Something adds there is no right or wrong in cooking and that “This book is not just a book to me. It’s a celebration of a drink that is part of our culture and a tribute to a fruit grown on our soil. Have fun, it’s not that serious. Just cook!”

Have you tried his red onion and grilled brinjal salad?

OR His screaming-for-more healthy coconito brownies?


J-Something is keen to inspire creativity by sharing his recipe for an Espresso Martini with a Pele-Pele twist:


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J’Something’s espresso martini


6 Tbsp (90ml) Amarula Cream Liquer
½ cup (120ml) espresso
4 Tbsp (60ml) vodka
4 tsp (10ml) chili syrup
Dark chocolate, grated

For the chilli syrup

1 cup (250ml) water
1 cup + 3 Tbsp (250g) granulated sugar
1 or 2 bird’s eye chillies (pele-pele)



Chilli syrup

Heat water in a pan, stir in the sugar and simmer until the sugar has dissolved. Cool the syrup, then stir in the chillies. Transfer to a blender and blend for 5 seconds. Strain the syrup, bottle it and refrigerate.

Espresso Martini

Pull a fresh double espresso and pour it into a cocktail shaker. Add the remaining ingredients and shake with cubed ice for about 10 seconds. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass (no ice) and garnish with grated dark chocolate.

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