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JAZZ Apples: Is it Jazz™ time yet?

JAZZ apples are the perfectly sized apple for those moments in between. Bursting with crisp, tangy-sweet balanced flavours, they are always refreshing! And offer a delicious, fresh natural lift, just when you need it.

JAZZ apples were first born in beautiful New Zealand orchards following a natural crossing of the Royal Gala and Braeburn apple varieties. Sixteen years later they’ve become a global favourite. Here in South Africa, they are grown with passion in sun-drenched orchards, under a closely controlled quality growing programme. Growers work hard to grow the perfect JAZZ apple so you always have a refreshing eating experience.



JAZZ apples have grown in popularity as a healthy choice on the go, offering a great taste and they are perfect as a lunchbox snack. What also makes JAZZ™ so special is its naturally durable, firm skin, dense flesh and versatility. Taste the difference by featuring JAZZ apples in your cooking, baking, or salads. We personally love them on their own as a snack, but their balanced tangy- sweet flavours will bring your recipe to the next level.


A collision of delightful flavours and a refreshing taste sensation! Perfectly sized and just right for on the go, at school, around home, or in the office. JAZZ™ is the ideal snack apple any time of the day. JAZZ apples are sold exclusively in Checkers stores nation-wide. Get your ideal apple snack now!


Look out for the distinctive bright blue logo on every delicious JAZZ apple pack ensuring a quality apple every time.


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