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In the kitchen with the #AVOEXPERTS, Westfalia Fruit

Winter cooking is all about comfort. Whether you bake a cake, roast potatoes, grill veggies, fry pancakes, or prepare your favourite stew or soup – Westfalia Avocado Oil should be in your kitchen.

Westfalia Fruit is known as the #AVOEXPERTS. They have one of the largest avocado growing footprints in the world and produce a wide range of quality avocado products.




Avocado oil is so versatile

Westfalia Fruit’s Avocado Oil is 100 % pure, healthy and known for all the ways you can use it. The oil is pressed from the flesh of ripe, hand-selected Hass avocados. The naturally high smoke point of 250 °C, means that the oil’s health structure remains intact, even when heated. This makes the oil ideal for every cooking method – even perfectly roasted potatoes. Toss baby potatoes in the skin in your favourite flavour in the range: Plain, Lemon, Garlic and Butter. Roast with fresh herbs until golden brown and cooked for a comforting winter side dish.

This proudly SA product is naturally cholesterol-free, yet a great source of healthy fats. It is suitable for vegans and vegetarians alike. Look for Westfalia Avocado Oil in leading supermarkets in 250 ml bottles. The plain oil also comes in a 500 ml bottle.




Convenience in a tub

Westfalia also produces a range of guacamoles. Each tub is made from about two ripe Hass avocados and packed with all that healthy avo goodness. The fruit is hand scooped to create a delicious chunky texture. Choose from any of the three flavours: Plain, Spicy or Sweet Chilli Salsa.

Enjoy all year round as a convenient dip with anything you would enjoy avo with. The guacamole is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, and available at selected supermarkets countrywide.




Follow the @avoexperts on Instagram and @WestfaliaFruit on Facebook and Pinterest for recipe inspiration and everything avocado. Or visit their website for delicious recipes and to read more about them.

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