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Mexican beef and rice with green salsa

How to use yoghurt in something other than your morning brekkie

We love yoghurt for its probiotics. That good bacteria is essential to feed the good flora in your gut which, in turn, plays a huge role in your overall digestive health. Because of this, we are always looking for new ways to incorporate it into our diets. From sweet to savoury, it adds a delicious tang and creaminess to create unexpected and interesting dishes. So here’s how to use yoghurt everywhere else.

By Jana du Plessis


Take that bite out of chilli with cooling yoghurt for a perfectly balanced palate. Heather’s grandpa’s best lamb curry will go perfectly with a cucumber or mint raita.

Mexican mince or bean dishes will also welcome a trickling of creamy yoghurt to further elevate the flavours. Try it with our Mexican beef and rice with green salsa.


Baby marrow soup

Sometimes all we want is a lip-smacking creamy sauce, but we also aren’t too keen on the added kilojoules from adding plenty of milk and cream to our dishes. Enter yoghurt! Stir half a cup into your sauce, soup or stew for that dreamy creaminess you’ve been craving. We can recommend it in our chilled baby marrow soup.


Don’t let yoghurt take the back seat to make space for seemingly exciting dips and sauces. Blend together yoghurt with some feta and serve it with carrot and celery sticks. Stir in some paprika to create the perfect chip dip. Or combine it with peanut butter and use it to dip chocolate-coated fruit.

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