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How to master the art of basting

This article lists 5 tips to master the art of basting – flaunt more than just your cooking skills with our nifty tips and tricks  

1. Rub skin all over with fat

Use your hands or a brush to make sure you get in the nooks and crannies. Bu er adds a lot of flavour but browns quickly, so be sure to mix butter with some oil. Season generously, which will make your roast super crispy! 

2. Baste every 15 minutes

Spoon the pan juices, melted butter or fat over the skin, and be sure to coat the meat thoroughly. Larger birds or roasts need to be basted every 30 minutes.

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3. Remove roast

Remove roast from the oven and close the door immediately while basting! You want to keep the oven temperature where it should be and not lose too much of the heat. 

4. Get the cut

Use kitchen scissors when cutting through your roast. It’s quicker and easier than using a knife.  

5. The time is right

The general rule of thumb for chicken and turkeys is to cook it for 45 minutes for every 1kg. If you’re using a thermometer then your roast should cook up until the centre reaches 70°C.   

Words by: Gail Damon
Photographs: Zhann Solomons

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