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Fill your garden with these herbs

If you’re like us, you’ve definitely thought about cornering off a small section of the garden and planting some of your favourite veggies and herbs to use for home-cooking. But maybe you just don’t have the time, or aren’t sure where to start. Well, it definitely doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the know-how and stick to efficient and simple plants.

By Taryn Wilson

These 5 herbs are popular options that you can grow in your garden (or even in jars on your kitchen windowsill) and will only need a few check-ins a week for watering and trims.


Grow guide: Now is the best time to sow some basil seeds! You can start them off in a jar on a sunny windowsill, or wait until late spring to plant them directly in your garden. They will need a rich, well-drained soil to grow in.
Uses: Add this delicious spice to your soups, stews, pasta and sauces.


Grow guide: Sow the seeds early on in spring and deep in good soil, with sun or partial shade.
Uses: Also known as dhanya, you can pick the leaves and use them in curries, soups or in savoury baked goods.


Grow guide: Plant your mint seedlings when they are around 10-15 cm tall in the soil 5 cm deep. Water well and allow for plenty of sun.
Uses: You can use mint leaves to brew tea or infuse it in water for fresh flavour.


Grow guide: Parsley requires rich, moist soil and should be sown in mid-spring or midsummer.
In the beginning, you can plant it in a jar with plenty of sunlight.
Uses: Add it to soups, salads, meats and omelettes for along with seasoning or to garnish.


Grow guide: Start this herb off in a jar with sun or partial shade and well-draining soil. Don’t be concerned if it takes long to grow, as the germination pattern can often be erratic.
Uses: This herb is great for cooking with meats, as a garnish or in a stuffing.

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