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Frozen muesli cups

Give your breakfast a punch of protein-filled goodness with our frozen muesli cups. If you are skipping the carbs, simply replace the muesli with a carb-free granola, omit the honey and add xylitol instead. Enjoy!

MAKES 6 // COOKING TIME 10 min, plus freezing time

1½ cups muesli
2 tbsp coconut oil melted
1 tbsp honey
2 tbsp strawberry whey protein powder
2 cups double-cream yoghurt
Fresh berries

1. In a bowl, combine one cup muesli with oil and honey.
2. Mix the protein powder and yoghurt together. Place a tsp of the muesli at the bottom of each cup, then fill with yoghurt and berries. Finish with a sprinkle of muesli.
3. Insert a lollipop stick into each cup, and then freeze for 2 hours, until frozen through.

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