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How to turn your floor tiles into wall art with Italtile

Floor tiles, wall tiles… Surely a tile is a tile? Well, sort of. Tiles are not manufactured specifically for wall or floor applications. Rather they are classified according to their strength and durability after they are made, which then determines what they should be used for.

And while all tiles made might seem quite sturdy when you walk on them, different tiles are suited to different levels of foot traffic. Some tiles can handle heavy foot traffic, and these are fantastic for a shopping mall or a restaurant. But some beauties can’t handle any amount of foot traffic, and these are best enjoyed as wall art in the home.

All of Italtile’s tiles are carefully graded for correct use and their design-certified sales advisers are there to guide you through their light, medium and heavy traffic porcelain tiles.

So, if you are thinking about your walls, think porcelain tiles. There are oh-so-many styles and trends to choose from and so many imaginative ways you can turn your walls into works of art.


Italtile is seeing more and more customers choose tiled wallscapes over painted walls, both for interior and exterior spaces. For sheer scale and luxury, you can’t beat a tiled wall for minimalist grandeur and modern style. Many of the tiles in their collection are suitable for outside walls, giving you the perfect opportunity to spruce up your outdoor dining area.


Their head-turning large-format tiles are massively popular for dramatic show-stopping walls. This trend has been gathering momentum around the world and it’s one of the biggest decor trends predicted fo 2020. We reckon this trend will be with us for many years to come and is all set to join the ranks amongst other great style classics.

Nothing beats a large tile for an almost seamless surface, and because there are fewer grout lines, these statuesque stunners open up an area beautifully, which means they will be great for opening up smaller spaces like a cosy kitchen.

And spoiler alert! Keep an eye out for mega slabs in 2020. Supersize tiles at 3 m will soon be available at Italtile, with their largest XXL tiles currently at 2.4 m.


Patterned or plain? Why not both? Decor tiles are specifically designed to complement your choice of plain tile (although there’s nothing plain about Italtiles’ stone-look, cement-look, wood-look, oxidised metal feel or marble-effect porcelain tiles). Together, plain and decor tiles create a beautiful contrast with a holding tone or base shade with a complementary pattern or texture on a focus area or feature wall. This is especially effective behind your sink or stove in the kitchen.

There are no hard and fast rules about how much pattern you should use, and there are plenty of incredible spaces where several different types of decor tiles are used and plain wall tiles are in the minority. And we also love interiors where only a kitchen backsplash features decor tiles. Your personality and appetite for drama will guide you in your choices.


Italtile’s hot new Spanish tiles are also all gorgeous choices. These great beautiful slabs offer the latest in technology and world-class design and they have been selected because of their price tags. You won’t find luxury tiles at these prices anywhere else. Here are some of our favourite:
1. Prospect Crown Ivory (400 x 1200) This rectified decorative tile has a soft ivory tone with subtle patterns or texture and a luxe matt finish. Equally at home in any room in your house, consider pairing it with a complementary Prospect Moon Matt Glazed White-bodied Tile as a decor tile.
2. The Arkety (400 x x1200) family – These matt glazed jaw-droppers are available in silver, grey and sand and are a fabulous example of the art of remastered cement screed. Create a stunning contrast on a feature wall using Backstage Arkety Silver Matt Ceramic Decor Wall Tiles and gentle greige patchwork slabs.
3. Duomo Blanco Brillo (300-900) – While it may be on such a grand scale as its other Spanish cousins, but tile is still marvellous. Bright white, it can be used in conjunction with any of Italtile’s decor tiles, but we think it ‘glows’ well with its fellow Duomo Wava Blanco Brillo (300 x 900) for a continuous and graceful wave pattern that seamlessly extends from one tile to the next.


The first of its kind in SA, and the very last word in the brand-new mixed metals trend, Nox (750 x 1500) is an extraordinary remastered oxidised metal-look porcelain tile, and a Spanish import in a class of its own.

Of all the imported tiles Italtile has been unpacking for us recently, Nox offers outstanding value for money and the magnificently weathered metal-look porcelain offers an avant-garde option for both interior and exterior walls with their tough non-porous surface and lappato finish. Lappato means ‘semi-polished’, but it’s so much more than that. The satin, time-rubbed finish is the result of cutting-edge tile technology, as opposed to a mere polishing process.

These beauties are available in Graphite and Grey and smart glazing guarantees the longevity and integrity of the corroded metal tone and texture with no fading or dullness over time.

Nox is a limited edition tile, so be sure to reserve your order ASAP, while stocks last.


When it comes to slab tiles, it is strongly recommended that you use professional installation services, and ask them to use Italtile’s specialised adhesives and grouts designed for large format tiles. If you are in the Gauteng area, Italtile can offer you installations for peace of mind. Simply click here to get your installation quotation.

Speak the design certified sales advisors at your local  Italtile store about the best way to finish your walls once they are tiled. They will point you in the right direction with their incredible selection of listels, quarter rounds and skirting options, available in 21 shades and customisable lengths.

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