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Here’s how to fillet a whole fish

Today we’re teaching you to fillet a whole fish without damaging the flesh. It can seem like quite a task, but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

STEP 1 – Rinse and pat dry until the fish is no longer slippery.

STEP 2 – Use a butter knife to scale it, making short, strong strokes.

STEP 3 – Use a heavy knife to remove the head.

STEP 4 – Insert the knife into the tail end and draw it through the fish until you reach the other end.

STEP 5 – Remove the guts and black lining from inside. Rinse.

STEP 6 – Insert the knife behind the pectoral fin. Cut down to the spine.

STEP 7 – Fillet along and down the backbone, cm by cm, until the fillet comes away from the spine. Repeat on the other side.

STEP 8 – With the fillet skin-side down, insert the knife just above the skin, removing it with a sawing motion.

STEP 9 – Remove the bones with a set of heavy-duty tweezers.

STEP 10 – Cut up the fillets into bite-sized chunks and they will be good to go for our yummy snoek soup.

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