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Festive cooking made simple with AMC

The festive cooking season is just around the corner, and it’s a time for family, celebrations and feasting, of course! And at any celebration, whether big or small, there is always food to be prepared and shared.

If you love cooking and entertaining, you need to ensure that you have the right tools at hand for preparing your feasts. AMC Cookware has an extensive range of cookware, including smaller pots and pans for everyday cooking, large casseroles with a wide base for braising and pot roasting, and deep stock pots for preserves and cooking big. And with the AMC Speedcooker II, you can prepare your festive gammon or corned meats in a third of their usual cooking time.

The AMC Cookware Range is fitted with stainless-steel handles for easy movement between the stove and oven, as well as ensuring versatility and less washing up. And with a range of colourful lid knobs to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a set that matches your kitchen.

What’s more, they also have a lifestyle range with high-quality tableware including cutlery, as well as a kitchenware range that includes their popular Edge Knife Set and a Flux Induction Stove. They even have a Braai Range which includes a stunning stainless-steel braai server to keep your meat warm until you’re ready to serve as well as a portable AMC Braai for all your summer entertaining, among other goodies. Their Servingware Range is also perfect to elegantly serve guests at the dinner table.

When it comes to affordability, AMC offers a range of payment options to suit all their customers. Whether you want to purchase cash, on interest-free credit, PriceSaver or even with your stokvel, it’s all possible. AMC consultants are available throughout South Africa to assist and guide you.

With AMC Cookware, you can cook your future family meals and sumptuous feasts alike in cookware manufactured to the highest quality, that’s easy to clean. And that is guaranteed for life!

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