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Our favourite craft breweries in South Africa

Well, summer is officially here, which means it’s time to head out and enjoy a couple of cold ones with your buddies at one of these craft breweries in South Africa. No matter your preference, there’s something for everyone!

By Taryn Wilson


Devil’s Peak Brewery

Leading the way with quality beers and a unique approach, Devil’s Peak Brewery offers a taste of premium beer right in the heart of Cape Town. Their range includes a Lager, First Light Golden Ale, Good Hope Pale Ale, King’s Blockhouse IPA and Zero to Hero Pale Ale.

Riot Brewery

Set in a fun atmosphere, Riot Brewery’s beer is as amazing as the vibe. With a variety of creative flavours, you’ll definitely find something to enjoy among their Session Lager-Ale Hybrid, Vale IPA, #Barrel Aged Beers, Alcoholic Peach Ice-Tea and Hopshots.


Copperlake Brewery Co.

You get to experience every aspect of the brew at the Copperlack ‘brewpub’ which includes a restaurant pub with a mini brewery. Try one of their 8 different brews on tap at the brewpub along with exciting weekly entertainment and events.

Gilroy’s Brewery

Based on the principles of Irish beer crafter Steve Gilroy, Gilroy Brewery creates 100% natural beers with low carbonation for the best combination of flavours. They have five brews: the Premium Lager, Favourite Pale Ale, Traditional Ruby Ale, Serious Dark Ale and Genuine Ginger Beer.


Robson’s Real Beer

Get the full in-house experience with Robson’s Real Beer Brewery and restaurant. Take an intriguing brewery tour, enjoy a fine home-cooked meal or taste one of their 5 delicious beers, West Coast Ale, Hammer of Thor, Durban Pale Ale, Miami Weiss and East Coast Ale.

Nguni Brewing Co.

This beer with a twist is made from purely organic ingredients and promotes health with anti-oxidants. The symbolism and meaning behind the company is what makes these beers a special selection. You’ll be able to choose from the Irish Red, Blonde IPA, Classic Lager, Munich Lager or Mexican Lager to enjoy.


Drayman’s Brewery and Distillery

As an established Craft Brewery since 1997, Drayman’s has made its name as one of the top brewers with six unique blends. Their Düssel Altbier, Altstadt Weissbier, Berghof, Emperor India Pale Ale, Jolly Monk and Helles all boast unique flavours created at only the finest quality.

Zeppelin Craft Brewery

Not only are they a craft beer brewery, but Zeppelin includes a bunker bar and WW2-style theme to take you back in time with a good brew. While you can try a range of quality craft beers, their three main crafts include a Red Irish Ale, Stout and India Pale Ale.

Image: Unsplash

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