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How to enjoy cooking

How to enjoy cooking (even when you don’t)

Not everyone considers themselves to be the Jamie Oliver or Nigella Lawson of their kitchen. In fact, some people even wish to avoid the kitchen completely if they can! But despite the opposition, there are times when cooking is inevitable, and there are a few tricks to ease the mind and effort it takes to have dinner ready by hungry o’clock.

By Jana du Plessis

Get planning
The last thing that you want to do when you don’t like spending time in the kitchen, is to plan the time you have to spend there. But don’t be put off just yet! By quickly putting together an action plan of what to cook, what to buy and when it’s going to happen, you’ll save time and brainpower in the long run. Choose your recipes and figure out how long each component will take to prepare. We recommend one-pan dishes so there is no fuss over multiple elements, or a meal that can freeze well so you can prep it when you have spare time.

Stay simple
If you’re not comfortable in the kitchen, don’t overcomplicate things by cooking a dish or using ingredients you are unfamiliar with. It’s all about doing what you know and doing it well. The more you cook the same type of dish, the less of an uphill battle it will be. That doesn’t mean that you will only be cooking chicken and rice for the rest of your days – sometimes it will be garlicky chicken, other days it could be tomatoey rice. Just make sure you know your ingredients and understand the flavours you love.

Prep in advance
Short on time when you get home from work? Cut up your veg the night before and divide your meat between individual bags before you freeze it. If cooking a big batch of pasta on the weekend will take some pressure off during the week, by all means do so. Just take into consideration what you cook in advance and how long it will keep for.

Mean, clean machine
There is no worse feeling to turn around and see a sink-full of dirty dishes after you have been slaving away in front of your stove. Fill your basin with warm, soapy water and wash each utensil as you use it – by the time dinner is served, the dishes are already taken care of.

What are your tips to keep your time in the kitchen effortless and enjoyable? Share them with us here or on our social media!

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