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Different pastries and how to use them

From hearty savoury pies to decadent sweet eclair, we turn to pastries as our go-tos for any culinary occasion. Here are four different pastries and some delicious ways we use them!

Puff pastry 

Dependable and always ready to transform into something delicious and comforting – puff pastry is the go-to for every kitchen. Like its name implies, this pastry is delicate, and its light buttery layers puff up in the oven when baking. Puff pastry is the hero in anything from tasty chicken puffs to decadent sweet treats like these yummy custard slices. 

Phyllo pastry 

Like puff pastry, phyllo pastry consists of layers of paper-thin, flaky pastry sheets. When using the pastry, brush each layer with butter or oil – that way it will become crisp when baking. This delicious pastry is commonly used for the classic Greek dessert baklava, and perfect for savoury dishes like this tasty veggie phyllo bake.  


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Shortcrust pastry 

This French-style dough has a biscuit-like consistency. The ‘half-fat-to-flour’ ratio of the pastry makes it non-elastic and allows it to break apart more easily. This crumby pastry is used in savoury dishes like this homely beef and leek pie with a black pepper shortcrust pastry crust and is great to make something sweet when the craving creeps in. These heavenly cranberry and white chocolate shortbread treats really hit the spot.  



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There are few things more delicious than that melt-in-your-mouth pastry – and choux pastry is the most delicious (and most sophisticated) of them all. When baked, choux, often used for cream-filled pastries, steams in the oven and rises to create feather-light buns with a crispy crust that is hollow in the centre. Nothing beats the taste of a chocolate-covered choux bun filled to bursting with decadent caramel cream when you bite into these decadent eclairs. 

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