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Cook less, dinner-party more

When it comes to entertaining in summer, keeping it fuss-free and staying away from hot stoves and ovens is the aim of the game! So, we’ve rounded up our pick of tasty salads that are light and simple to put together. Would we score some brownies points if we told you they’re great dinner-party fare too?

1. Falafel and salad
If you’re having vegan or vegetarian friends over, this salad should be your go-to. Plus, any gluten-free buddies will be happy to know they can also eat along!

2. Chickpea salad with double-tomato bread
A double whammy of flavour! This salad accompanied by freshly baked bread is just what you need.

3. Halloumi, asparagus and tomato salad with croutons
If you’re feeling fancy, whip out this recipe! It has flavour and texture, and is a beauty to look at.

4. Powerhouse quinoa salad
Invite those who love healthy eating (or those who have it written down as a New Year’s resolution) to power up on this nutritious meal.

5. Strawberry salad with goat’s cheese croutons
Oh, the cheese. You had us at cheese! Now imagine it crumbed and deep-fried, then paired with a burst of sweet strawberries – it won’t disappoint.

5. Pea, poached-egg, asparagus, bacon and baby-spinach salad
If you’re having guests staying over, this salad is great to serve for breakfast or brunch. And don’t rule it out as a delicious light dinner option.

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