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Clever snack-packing hacks for your next road trip

Slice, seal and sauce your way through these useful kitchen tips.  

Pack your snacks  

Implement these packing hacks to keep food safe and mess-free while on the road!  

  • Utilise that container cupboard and make use of round plastic condiment containers or glass jars – these are easy to stack on top of each other.  
  • Prevent spillage by wrapping plastic over the top of a container and wrapping around its body before closing with a lid.  
  • If you don’t have clip and seal containers, secure your food in tubs using two elastics.  
  • Place store-bought sauces (like oily pesto, dips, dressings) in resealable bags lined with kitchen towel.  
  • Pack everything into your carrier bag or cooler box upright.  
  • Use a bag that is just the right size. If it’s too big, the contents will roll around and could spill or break.  
  • Ensure you bring a wet cloth, dry cloth and a portion of a kitchen towel along with you to clean up any spills.  
  • Take an extra plastic shopping bags with you to put all your empty containers into once all the food
    is finished. This contains any last leaks or spills.  

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Quick kitchen hacks you should know  

PEEL GINGER in seconds by using a teaspoon. Run the spoon down the length of the ginger to pull the skin away. This way, it’s also easy to shift and turn the piece to get into the nooks and crannies, creating as little waste as possible.  

EASILY SLICE POTATOES Hasselback-style by placing two wooden spoons along each side of the potato. Use a sharp knife
to slice thin slits along the width of the potato (see On Our Shelf on page 18 for a stunning visual). The wooden spoons keep the potato stationary as well as prevent the knife from slicing through the potato, splitting it down the middle.  

COOL LIQUID DOWN FAST by placing your bowl of sauce, broth, ganache or soup on top of a larger bowl filled with ice water. The ice water will chill the bowl, exposing the liquid to a cold temperature and cooling it as you stir.  

PREVENT YOUR MIXING BOWL FROM MOVING AROUND when busy whisking or beating together the ingredients by placing it on top of a damp towel. To keep a chopping board in place, put a damp piece of kitchen towel under the board, this will seal it to the surface. Both help reduce chances for injury and mess.  

REMOVE STUBBORN STICKY DOUGH from your hands by rubbing them together with a handful of extra flour. This will dry the dough out and flake the pieces off quicker than rinsing your hand under running water.  

Words: Sjaan van der Ploeg

Photography: Fresh Living Magazine

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