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Chia seeds and fig parfaits

If you are a lover of healthy but also delicious food, this dessert-style breakfast, chia and fig parfaits has your name on it..

SERVES 2 // COOK TIME 10 min

½ cup chia seeds
1 cup double-cream yoghurt
4 figs, sliced
¼ cup roast cashews, chopped
2 tbsp honey

1. Mix the chia seeds with ½ yoghurt. Add a little milk if the mixture is too stiff.
2. Layer chia pudding, yoghurt, sliced figs and roast cashews in glasses. Drizzle with honey.


Feel beautiful inside and out with this must-try brekkie. We know that a butternut and chickpea granola may sound a bit strange, but savoury granolas are taking the food world by storm and once you’ve had a taste, there’s no going back!

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