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Change your at home coffee game in 3 easy steps

There’s nothing more pleasurable than a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the mornings. Not to mention after a lovely dinner with your guests. Now we’ve taken it a step further to show you how to change your coffee game, to change that brew in such a way that you and your friends and family will never forget!

By Mikaela Kagan & Jana du Plessis


The more freshly ground your beans, the better the flavour of your coffee. So, instead of buying bags of pre-ground coffee off the shelf, use whole beans and ground them yourself just before brewing. Measure out about a tablespoon of beans per cup you’d like to make and grind them in your spice or coffee grinder until fine. We’ve also read that you can use a good old pestle and mortar to do the job – if you’re up for the elbow grease, go ahead! But if you are a coffee machine person, don’t worry! Here. are some of our favourites for every personality and every budget.


You can brew your coffee plain, but let’s be honest, there’s nothing extraordinary about that. Mix some dried chilli flakes or citrus zest with your grounds to add a whole new flavour dimension. You can also get creative with the add-ins you offer your fellow caffeine-aficionados. Vanilla sugar tastes heavenly, a pinch of salt will smooth it out and a dash of whipped cream will always put a smile on anyone’s face.


We love sipping on a good cup of coffee as much as the next person, but what we also appreciate is how versatile coffee can be beyond being poured it into a cup. Who would have thought that it would it add a dark, rich and incredibly decadent flavour to your Sunday roast? Find out by making our coffee-rubbed silverside with chocolate-chilli butter. And if you love peanut butter for breakfast, serve it up in our get-up-and-go smoothie. And for our favourite funky application, we present our ever-popular salted caramel chocolate cake. Adding a hot cuppa to your cake batter will result in a sponge so soft and moist, you will hardly believe it.

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