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Experience artisan pizzas at Jamie’s Italian this month

Situated in Melrose Arch in the heart of Joburg, Jamie’s Italian is celebrating pizza in a whole new way. Oven-baked with the freshest ingredients and most spectacular flavours, they are showcasing a new pizza each week for the month of March.

By Mikaela Kagan

This fine, Italian restaurant takes pride in sourcing newly-picked ingredients with a special focus on animal welfare and sustainability. Whatever the extra-special pizza topping, rest assured you’ll be consuming only the finest.

So, what kinds of toppings can we expect from this prime spot? Guests will be served an amazing new and exciting selection of including welfare lamb, grass-fed beef from the Midlands, locally produced craft cheese and delicately hand-picked market veggies.

Jamie's Italian

And in the words of Jamie Oliver himself, ‘Yes, it’s a pizza, but for me and my team it still needs to embody all the same values as all our other dishes – higher welfare meat, better sourcing of ingredients, fantastic taste and a whole lot of love.’

Jamie's Italian


When: Monday–Sunday, 11:30 am–11 pm
Where: Melrose Blvd, Johannesburg
Contact: 010 007 4646

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