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9 places to eat green this World Vegetarian Day

Move over, meat-free Monday! How about a meat-free month to mark World Vegetarian Day (which is today, by the way!)… To help you on your green journey, we searched across the country for some of the best spots to tuck into a delicious veggie meal.

By Roxy Greeff


1. Plant 


Plant is a trendy cafe that is all about serving up plant-based vegan food suited to today’s fast-paced lifestyle. Not only do they make their own vegan cheese and mayonnaise, and smoke their own tempeh bacon, but their famous bowls and boxes are also the talk of Cape Town. All meals come with gluten-free options and allergen information.

2. Raw and Roxy

Raw and Roxy

Raw and Roxy offers vegan raw-food versions of our favourite treats. In addition to this, they have salads, freshly squeezed juices, veggie chips, hot tonics and a vegan patisserie on offer.

3. Slow Life

Slow Life allows you to soak up the sea view while enjoying vegetarian or pescatarian dishes. This is a concept cafe that is interesting in combining a plant-based lifestyle with artisanal food and coffee, music, art, film, philosophy, and meditation.


4. Free Food

Free Food offers tasty vegan meals and naughty yet nice gluten-free treats. Grab a takeaway, satisfy those cravings with something special from the deli fridge, or visit their freezer, where you can pick up your favourite veggie meals to prep at home.

5. Greenside Café

This uber trendy spot encourages mindfulness and love and is the winner of the 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2015 People’s Choice Award for the best vegetarian menu in Johannesburg. As lovers of South American food, we would definitely jump at their Mexican pizza, topped with spicy bean Napolitano, salsa, avo, tomatoes and cashew cream. Yum!

6. Fresh Earth

Fresh earth

Fresh Earth has sit-down and takeaway meals, plus an online store. And because we love baked goods so much, their all-natural rye bagels, mosbolletjie rusks, and cranberry oat crunchies definitely caught our eye.


7. Chilliplum 


This upmarket vegan spot is all about striving to make this way of the life the future of food and dining. Experience a vegan sushi platter, complete with assorted avocado, cucumber and yellow and red peppers with ginger, wasabi and soy sauce. Plus they have a wine list that will satisfy every preference.

8. Conscious Café

Conscious cafe

Not only serving up veggie delights, Conscious Café also gives advice on healthy or alternative eating, touting themselves as a place of ‘great conversation’. It is a fabulous spot for families to enjoy their meals under the trees and for your kids to learn how food is grown by exploring the gardens.

9. Govinda’s

This daytime eatery is located in the largest Hare Krishna temple in Africa, where they serve ‘Karma-free delights’. They specialise in lacto-vegetarian and vegetarian meals – and not a single dish is priced over R40!

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