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8 things you never knew yoghurt could do

Yoghurt, the unsung hero is healthy, keeps for ages and you probably have some in your fridge.

By Lauren Shapiro

1. Mac-cheats

Mix plain yoghurt with cooked pasta and grated cheese, then microwave it until hot. Quicker and healthier you won’t find!

2. Cool down curry

Stir plain yoghurt through curry if you can’t handle the heat. You could also add finely chopped cucumber, radish and mint to make a raita.

3. NIce lollies

Poke popsicle sticks through the foil tops of mini yoghurt pots, then freeze.

4. create a quiche

Combine with eggs and some cooked veggies for a creamy, yet healthy quiche filling.

5. Aid an upset tummy

The bacteria in live-cultured yoghurt act as natural probiotics, strengthening your digestive system.

6. Dessert queen

A dollop complements any sweet dish. Even the full-fat varieties contain less fat than actual cream does.

7. Soothe the burn

Use it as a cool, creamy, natural balm to relieve the painful effects of sun exposure.

8. Fancy dressing

Sub it in as a base for ranch or Thousand Island dressing. It works really well as a mayo replacement in spud salads too.

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