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6 Ways to host an epic dinner party on a budget

We all know the scene – you want to host an epic dinner party for your nearest and dearest, but it’s that time of the month where cash is scarce, and meals are budget all the way. No need to cancel your plans – our tips will help you come in under budget and have the most memorable evening!

1. Get creative and host a potluck

These types of dinners are perfect for two main reasons – firstly, you’ll keep costs low by asking everyone to bring a dish or side to complement the menu you had in mind and secondly, if you know there’s a fussy eater (or two) invited, they’ll most likely bring something to suit their dietary requirements. Just remember to ask everyone what they would like to bring to avoid guests bringing the same items.

2. Plan on using mostly in-season produce

Before heading out to the supermarket, plan your meals around mostly in-season produce. In-season fruit and veg will naturally be cheaper since there’s so much more of it.

3. Shop the offers

There’s nothing like a good deal! Scour online supermarket catalogues to find the best deals. 2-for-1; buy one, get one free; buy 2, save 20% – these are all great offers that will save you big time – especially when hosting a larger dinner party, where bulk items matter.

4. Use cheaper cuts of meat

With the price of meat being so high, buying less in-demand cuts of meat is a great tip to save money. You can easily host a dinner party and serve beef brisket. You might have to cook the meat slightly longer. Pro tip: make friends with your local butcher – they’ll give you all the tips and tricks on how to cook different cuts of meat.


5. Go meatless

Meat just keeps getting pricier. Why not skip it? Many people hear vegetarian and immediately think the worst, but there are plenty of vegetarian recipes that create the illusion of meat – think eggplant lasagne, dhal and naan, or a delicious butternut and cauliflower curry. These dishes all taste delicious – and will be far cheaper than something meaty.

6. Simple settings are the best

If you’d like to set a beautiful table for your guests, keep it simple. Twigs and ferns from your garden (instead of overpriced flowers) will look great on any table – and won’t cost a cent! Alternatively, think of creating handwritten place settings or using candles from around the house. Small touches make a big impact. Pinterest is the solution for all your styling needs.

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