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5 Family-Friendly Things To Do World Ocean Day

June 8th marks World Ocean Day and at the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) we are passionate about doing our bit for the oceans. Our ocean feeds billions of people, covers over 70% of the planet and provides 80% of the world’s biodiversity.

You too can play your part and make a difference. Here are five things you can do to join the global movement to protect the oceans and ensure sustainable seafood for the future


Are you ready to take a deep dive?

1. Shop for sustainable seafood: When you next visit your local supermarket, simply look for the blue MSC label.

2. Get creative in the kitchen: Visit our sustainable fish recipes and foodies guides for a diverse range of mouth-watering ideas and recipes.

3. Teach and learn about ocean sustainability: Use our learning resources to discover how we can help keep our oceans healthy for generations to come.

4. Have fun with our Wild Ocean Explorers: Children under eight can take a trip to the ocean with our fun games, videos and activities.

5. Test your ocean knowledge: Take one of our fun Kahoot! quizzes about the ocean and some of the key threats it faces – pressure from overfishing, climate change and plastic pollution.


Let’s come together for a big blue future.

To learn more, simply scan the QR code or visit 

About the MSC: The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international non-profit organisation which sets globally recognised, science-based standards for sustainable fishing and the seafood supply chain. The MSC ecolabel and certification program recognises and rewards sustainable fishing practices and is helping create a more sustainable seafood market.

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