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4 tips to recover from cooking burnout

Feeling burnt out from cooking? Charge your culinary battery with these 4 creative ways to make stepping behind a stove exciting again!

Start with one-pot (or one-sheet-pan) meals 

Let’s be honest, the thought of cleaning a pile of dishes is enough to put you off cooking for good. So why not keep it simple? Combine your protein and veggies in one pot or, if you prefer, put them on a baking tray and roast in the oven. The best part is that you will only focus on one pot (instead of tracking different pots and sauteing in another pan). It’s the perfect solution for a quick-and-easy mid-week meal, and clean-up will be a breeze. 

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Experiment with fresh herbs and spices  

When kitchen fatigue sets in, it’s important to find quick ways to boost the flavours. Enter fresh herbs and spices! Adding a handful of fresh coriander to a quick curry adds vibrance, and snipping up chives over your scrambled eggs instantly elevates the taste. You will quickly learn which herbs complement your dishes and be excited to try different flavour combinations. 


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Cook with your family 

Try cooking with the family once a week. Little (and many) hands in the kitchen may sound like a terrible idea but, on the contrary, it can be a great pastime that may make you fall in love with the kitchen again. Search for recipes together, play music and chat about your day. Your culinary duties will feel less like a chore and be more about the experience. And the tasty dinner is just the bonus.  

Take a cooking class  

You may be stuck in a food rut. Taking a cooking class will teach you the skills, grow your food knowledge and expand your palette. And (most importantly) it will give you the confidence to learn new and exciting dishes to make at home. Take your partner if you don’t want to take on this culinary adventure alone. It can double up as a romantic night out sealed with a (chef’s) kiss. 


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