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Decadent chocolate coffee panna cotta 

Italian desserts are all about simplicity. Add some cream, ricotta or mascarpone and you’ll be dishing up easy Italian delights in no time.   

A slightly unusual take on panna cotta, which is usually delicately fragranced and yoghurt-based, this rich version has a slightly denser texture that works best served in the dish it is set in. 

Chocolate coffee panna cotta  

Serves 6-8 


For the panna cotta  

2 tsp (10ml) gelatine powder 
5 Tbsp (75ml) tepid water 
1/4 cup (60ml) Italian blend espresso 
3 slabs (90g each) 70% dark chocolate 
2 slabs (90g each) good-quality milk chocolate 
2 cup (600ml) cream 
Store-bought peanut brittle, chopped, for serving 
Cocoa powder, for serving  


  1. Place gelatine and water in a bowl and stir quickly to combine. Set aside for 10 minutes to bloom (absorb liquid). 
  2. Create a double-boiler by placing a small pot filled of the way with water on the heat. Bring to a simmer and place a tight-fitting metal or glass bowl on top. 
  3. Place chocolate in the bowl and stir until chocolate is melted. (Your bowl should never be too hot to touch by hand, as chocolate will then split.) 
  4. Whisk cream and castor sugar to stiff peaks. 
  5. Mix warm (not hot) espresso and bloomed gelatine together, whisking until smooth. (If there are any granules left, microwave for 5-8 seconds until melted, careful not to let gelatine get hot.) 
  6. Mix chocolate and cream together, then add gelatine mixture. 
  7. Spoon the mixture into a 20cm serving dish or 6-8 ramekins. 
  8. Set for 4-5 hours, or overnight for best result. 
  9. Serve straight from the fridge, sprinkled with peanut butter brittle chunks and dusted with cocoa powder, if you like.

Recipes & styling: Liezl Vermeulen
Photographs: Zhann Solomons, Fresh Living Magazine  

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