You are currently viewing 5 viral TikTok kitchen hacks to try at home

5 viral TikTok kitchen hacks to try at home

You don’t have to go to culinary school to learn some skills in the kitchen: now we can just turn to TikTok. Up your kitchen game with these helpful – and easy-to-pull-off – viral kitchen hacks.

TikTok hack #1: Use a water bottle to separate the egg yolk from the white 

For inexperienced home cooks, separating egg yolks and whites can be a daunting (and quite messy) task. This TikTok hack can make your egg nightmare go away. Squeeze and hold the opening of an empty (and clean) plastic water bottle close to the egg white and release pressure. In one swift movement, the bottle sucks up the egg yolk, separating it from the egg white. Use the leftover egg whites to make meringue kisses, like in this delicious dessert. 


@joiaranassiat Use empty bottle to separate the egg yolk #lifehack #hack ♬ original sound – Joi Siat

TikTok hack #2: Make hard-boiled eggs in the air fryer 

Another egg-cellent Tiktok hack is to boil your eggs in an air fryer. Sounds too good to be true? Just watch. Place your eggs in the air fryer for 15 minutes at 270°C, then immediately place your ‘boiled’ eggs in a bowl of ice water. The ice bath will stop the cooking process. Peel your eggs once completely cooled down.  


@kortneyandkarlee Air fried hard boiled eggs! Yum!🍳🥚 #learnontiktok #airfryerrecipes #airfryer ♬ original sound – Kortney and Karlee

TikTok hack #3: Slice a handful of cherry tomatoes all at once 

Food preparation takes up a lot of time in the kitchen, so we love any time-saving hack. After trying this clever cutting trick, you’ll never slice your cocktail tomatoes individually again. Spread a handful of tomatoes and gently press a container lid (big enough to cover the tomatoes) on top of it to hold it in place. In a horizontal motion, slice the tomatoes using a firm knife. It saves you time and effort in one swoop! 


@pierre.le.chef #lifehack #foodhack #learnontiktok ♬ Ultimate life hacks – Kelly – The Life Bath

TikTok hack #4: Juice a lemon without slicing it 

This hack is perfect if you don’t own a citrus juicer. Roll your whole lemon back and forth on a hard surface to soften and break up the flesh inside. Then, pierce one end of the lemon with a skewer. Place it over a cup and squeeze out your juice. What’s that saying again? Oh, yes – easy, peasy lemon squeezy! Use the juice to bake these yummy lemon poppy seed cupcakes. 


@wholeapproachnutrition I can’t believe this happened! Did you guys see it? 🍋 #lemontrick #lemonhack #lemonjuice #nutritionist #dailymail #learnontiktok #nutritionist ♬ Buttercup – Jack Stauber

TikTok hack #5: Remove the chicken breast tendon with a fork 

We’ll take any trick to make cleaning raw chicken easier. This tip from TikTok will simplify the process – and save you time. To remove the tendon (the white connective tissue) from the breast, grab the end of the tendon (use a paper towel as it can be slippery). Then, slip it through the prongs of a fork and press the chicken breast down. Within seconds, you remove the tendon from the chicken breast. A must-try hack for when you try this grilled chicken breast with raw veggie salsa recipe. 


@mandyklentz Best cooking hack ever! #cookinghacks #tiktokmoms #itsdinnertime #cookingontiktok #lifehack #momsoftiktok #whatsfordinner #waitforit #fyp ♬ original sound


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