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5 tips to faster cooking 

Cooking is a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be time-consuming and stressful when you’re in a rush. With these 5 clever hacks, you can simplify your kitchen routine and make meal prep more efficient.   

Prep ingredients ahead of time 

Preparing your ingredients in advance is one of the best ways to streamline your cooking. Wash, chop, and store vegetables, fruits, and herbs in airtight containers in the fridge. This not only saves time during cooking but also keeps your kitchen organised and clean. 

Use a garbage bowl

Keep a large bowl or container on the counter to collect all your kitchen scraps and trash while you prep and cook. This eliminates the need to walk back and forth to the trash can, saving time and keeping your workspace tidy. At the end of your cooking session, simply empty the bowl into the trash or compost bin. 

Multitask with your appliances 

Make the most of your kitchen appliances by using them simultaneously. For example, while your oven is baking, use your stovetop to boil pasta or steam vegetables. A slow cooker or pressure cooker can handle one part of your meal while you focus on another. This helps you cook multiple components of your meal at the same time, reducing overall cooking time.  

Sharpen your knives 

A sharp knife makes chopping and slicing faster and safer: it requires less effort and reduces the risk of slipping and cutting yourself. Invest in a good knife sharpener and regularly hone your knives to keep them in top condition.  

Organise your pantry  

An organised pantry makes it easier to find ingredients and keep track of what you have on hand. Use clear containers for grains, pasta, and baking supplies, or label them for easy identification. Arrange items by category and store frequently used ingredients at eye level for quick access. 

Make these steps part of your daily cooking routine for a more efficient and enjoyable cooking experience. Happy cooking! 

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